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The X30 SUPER combines the advanced technology of the award-winning Reedster KF class engine, with the practical solutions and reliability of the X30 platform. Its’ main feature is the new and impressive 175cc format, that allows a maximum torque of 26 Nm and 43 H.P., without requiring the adoption of an exhaust power valve. The X30 Super will satisfy the most demanding and talented drivers around the world!



model: X30 Super 175cc
description: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
class: 175cc Stock Class
bore: Ø 63,92mm
max-bore: Ø 64,04mm
stroke: 54,40mm
displacement: 174, 56cc
ports: 5
inlet-system: Reed Valve
lubrication: Oil mixture
ignition-system: Digital
transmission: Centrifugal Dry Clutch
cooling-system: Water
balancer-shaft: Present
starter: Electric
carb-model: Tillotson HB-10A
max-power: 43 Hp
max-torque: 26 Nm
max-rpm-limit: 15.000 RPM


€ 2.498,00Prezzo
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